Special Issue

Special Issue

Legalization and Decriminalization of Abortion in Brazil: ten years of feminist struggle
Leila de Andrade Linhares Barsted

Contraception and Caesareans in Brazil: an example of bad reproductive health practice in need of exemplary action
Elza Berquó

The Body and Sexual Morality in Religious Groups
Maria das Dores Campos Machado

The Abortion issue in Brazil: a study of the debate in Congress Maria Isabel Baltar da Rocha

Reproductive Culture and Sexuality
Ondina Fachel Leal

Rachel’s Gown
Heloísa Buarque de Hollanda

The Feminist Intuition in Late 19th- Century Brazilian Agitprop Theater
Valéria Andadre Souto-Maior

Women of Gangsters: chronicle of a less-than-musical city
Alba Zaluar

The Misfortunes of Victimism
Maria Filomena Gregori

Symbolic Violence: male lore and female representations
Rachel Soihet

A Place in Government: Alibi or Conquest?
Maria Aparecida Schumaher
Elisabeth Vargas

Housewives, Mothers, Feminists, Fighters: women in the 1994 brazilian elections
Céli Regina

Feminism in Brazil Today
Angela Borba
Hildete Pereira
Jacqueline Pitanguy
Wania Sant’Anna

Women and the Labor in Brazil: the history of an issue and prospects for the future
Cristina Bruschini

Working Women and the Dynamics of Maintaining and Heading Households
Luiza M. S. Santos Carvalho

Women among the Kuikúro
Bruna Franchetto